Purple & Gold

This series was created with watercolor using only two colors, Purple and Gold. I selected purple as the color representing Alzheimers and related dementias. Gold is used to symbolize the person who is battling the disease. Dedicated to my loving husband and all the wonderful memories we share.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

"Heart of Gold" - in Search of Spirit

Atlanta Marie Carrera - Atlanta's ART
2019 Festival of Trees
Lower Cape Fear Hospice
Ft. Fisher Aquarium
Atlanta's ART's entry in the
Lower Cape Fear Hospice
2019 Festival of Trees
at Fort Fisher Aquarium

Our entry is designed to illustrate the inner struggle of a mind being overcome with memory loss.  Each painting on the tree "hides" a poem (on the reverse side) which explores our "Search of Spirit."  Through this journey, we are enlightened in ways we never imagined. 

Photo credit:  Belinda Keller Photography

"Heart of Gold"
by Atlanta's ART
Dedicated to my husband
Reynold Carrera 1960-2019

 "Heart of Gold" is dedicated to my loving husband and the many memories we have made over the years. 
Dementia (represented in purple) grows slowly; entangling one's mind, but one's soul; their inner spirit (represented in gold), remains hidden deep within.

"Sunrise Over a Mountain of Fog"

"Dream Catcher of Wishes"
"Forget-Me-Nots in Bloom"

"Blooms in a Tangled Vine"

"Floating in the Seaweed"
"Focus on One Flower"

"Fishy, Fishy" in a Sea Anemone"

"Glory in Winter"
"Hidden Blossoms"
"Scattering of Flowered Branches"
"Lost Balloons"

"Light Among the Thorns"

"Light within the Petals"

"Lost Feathers"

"Partnership in Caregiving"
"Simplicity within Confusion"

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